Reitman Interview (cont.) (Essay)


On casting for Up in the Air:

I asked Reitman if he casted people like Jason Bateman (again) and Zach Galifianakis in order to draw the college-humor crowd, in order to expand his viewership beyond white-haired women in shalls. To this Reitman reacted strongly, saying he had casted Galifianakis long before The Hangover debuted, long before college-America knew of the actor/comedian. He said he likes writing for/casting people he genuinely likes and genuinely wants to work for, and expressed his frustration with the archetype that was created for Galifianakis, one that he does not fit in Up in the Air. It seemed he was saying Galifianakis’ assumed character type was a detriment to his part in Up in the Air, rather than something positive he purposely set out to accomplish (as I had thought). Where audiences may expect Galifianakis to “say something stupid,” he said, they are instead met with a more or less sympathetic and straightforward character [who is only a part of the film for 60 seconds or so—JB].


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