V-Day Movies (Essay)

>Here is a list of the best movies for V-Day. …So if you missed it last Sunday, this could get you out of a jam.

In no specific order…

1. Love Actually (2003): Although set during Christmas fever, this film provides a handful of love snapshots that pack an emotional punch heavy enough to have you nuzzling closer to your significant other, mustering up the courage to spill your heart out in front of your crush, or both!

2. Lars and the Real Girl (2007): A good V-Day movie with Ryan Gosling that isn’t The Notebook? Yes. This film is touching and genuine, and will make you jealous of a mannequin.

3. Knocked Up (2007): To be sure, you will be re-watching this film for the ninth time, but there is nothing like it that so efficiently incites both love and fear in one bundle-of-joy.

4. Dirty Dancing (1987): Bom-chicka-wa-wa!

5. Audition (1999): You know that feeling you get like there are pins in your stomach when you fall in love? Director Takashi Miike takes that feeling too literally in this spin on love. Let’s just say I wouldn’t watch this film based on Netflix’s misleading synopsis…

6. Shakespeare in Love (1998): Fans of period romance look no further. This “behind the scenes” take on the immortal “Romeo and Juliet” is almost as loving as the English playwright’s most popular sap-story and will save you from a trip back to 10th-grade lit.

7. Closer (2004): If you want something more out of Valentine’s Day, say, for instance, to start anew, this film will surely throw you and your beau into disarray. A portrait of the ugly side of love, the film has the capability to stab any relationship in the back. Just make sure it doesn’t incite any stabbing in the literal sense.


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